Car Insurance

Affordable Prices and Excellent Service!

Car Insurance

Affordable Prices and Excellent Service!

Car Insurance

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You spend a lot of time in your car.  Make sure you have the coverage you need if an accident happened.  Our agents are ready and knowledgeable in all areas of the industry.  We have years of experience in helping drivers find coverage.  But its important for you as a consumer to know the basics when shopping for the coverages you need.   Take some time to learn what you might need.

Car Insurance Types

Liability Only – This type of insurance is of course the cheapest but only covers the other persons vehicle.  If you are involved in an accident you are responsible to the damages to your car.  Liability can only be carried if you have paid for the vehicle in full.

Full Coverage –  This type of car insurance covers you and the other vehicle when an accident occurs.  Comprehensive and Collision are elements of this type of coverage.  If you owe money on your car, your lien holder will require full coverage on the car.  This is to insure that should something happen they get a return on the investment.

Coverage Types

Bodily Injury – This refers to the amount your insurance will cover if a person is injured in an at fault accident  The state minimum is what you are required to cover.  State minimums vary.  In North Carolina the minimum is 30/60.  But really what does that mean.  Well its simple.  It covers up to $30,000 per person and up to $60,000 per accident.  In North Carolina you can carry up to 300/300.  For more information check out the Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance.

Bodily Injury -.  This refers to the damage that is done to the car of the person not at fault in an accident.  The North Carolina state minimum is $25000.  However you can carry up to $300,000.  For more information check out the Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance.

We are ready to work with you.  We look through all the options and help you make the best decision.  Our carriers offer us variety.  We look for the best policy to fit your needs.