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General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance

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General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance

Lets talk General Liability Insurance.  Owning a business means you have to cover alot of areas, yourself, the business, and your employees.  This is why every business large or small needs General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance.  Covering your livelihood is important.    At Total Insurance Center our agents are armed with knowledge.  As a small business ourselves we know what you need.  We’re appointed with a variety of carriers.  This allows us to search far and wide for the right policy at the right price.

General Liability Insurance is an overall policy that protects your business. It covers liability or bodily injury claims that happen on the premises. It also includes operations, products, and advertising that occur on premises.  If you hire contractors you should also ask them if they carry General Liability Insurance.  Ask them to add you as an Additional Insured.

General Liability Insurance covers your business in case of accidents or injuries.  It also covers any liability that results in medical expenses.  Do you sell products at your location?  It covers that too.  Attorneys fee’s and court costs, no problem.  With the right policy its taken care of.  Fire, theft, burglary and vandalism are also covered as a part of your General Liability policy.

Workers Comp Insurance makes sure that in the event one of your employees has an accident that you are covered.  In the state of NC you must have Workers Comp Insurance if you have 3 or more employees.  Workers Comp Insurance offers peace of mind.

Workers Comp Insurance pays for hospital and medical costs.  It will also handle disability payments.  Most people don’t think about it, but in the event of the unthinkable it covers funeral costs as well.  Rehabilitation and Retraining also fall under the Workers Compensation policy.

For more information on Business Insurance guidelines check out this Consumer Guide

Protect your business..  Ask about different types of insurance for your and your staff.  Let us customize a plan that fits your exact situation.  A little planning today could save alot of time in the future.  We are here to help.

General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance