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Business Auto Insurance

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Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance covers more than you think.  And Total Insurance Center knows all about it  We can help insure your vehicle.  To an insurance company insuring your commercial vehicle is considered a higher risk.  Therefore some of the rules are different.

Our team is well versed in those differences.  We want to make sure we ask the right questions to get you the right coverage,

Many different types of vehicles are considered Business Auto.  Check out the list below to see if yours is considered.

Types of Vehicles

  • Passenger car or van.
  • Passenger bus.
  • Minivan.
  • Agricultural truck.
  • Box or straight truck.
  • Cargo van.
  • Car carrier.
  • Flatbed truck.
  • Catering truck.
  • Cement mixer.
  • Delivery van.
  • Hearse.
  • Ice cream truck.
  • Motor home.
  • Limousine.
  • Pickup truck.
  • Fifth wheel truck.
  • Sport utility vehicle.
  • Pump truck.
  • Step van.
  • Tank truck.
  • Trunk tractor.
  • Tow truck.
  • Refrigerated truck.
  • Wheelchair bus.
  • Wheelchair van.
  • Front loader.
  • Garbage truck.


Business Auto Insurance